We've all come to expect big things from Old Spice when it comes to creating stellar video marketing campaigns but perhaps our hopes laid a little too heavy on Proctor & Gamble's shoulders and now they have been forced to bring in some real talent to keep the brand edgy and competitive.

Luckily, they have found the right, er, candidate in Mr. Wolfdog who already has his feet firmly under the table and is "doing marketing to us" right now. Hey, it's just how he gets business done OK? But enough of my human waffling, let's hear a true marketing ninja tell us like it is:

Marc Pritchard, global brand-building officer at P&G, confirms that:

Director Wolfdog brings a unique blend of professional, real-world experience and wild attributes that lend themselves perfectly to the fast-paced, innovative world of Old Spice.

We look forward to tapping his unparalleled animal instincts to further enhance the launch of new Old Spice Wild Collection. We continuously strive to hire the most dynamic talent on earth, and given Director Wolfdog's fierce track record, he is sure to be a force to be reckoned with at P&G.

As this is Old Spice, there's some serious joined up marketing taking place and you can find Director Wolfdog on Twitter, Facebook etc. His LinkedIn profile is a genius idea and as is his state of the art website at mrwolfdog.com.

Old Spice Launches Mr. Wolfdog Who Will Seduce Us With His Marketing wolfdog1

P&G's new Executive Director of Marketing will be releasing a series of videos throughout the week ('How to succeed at life') as well as tweeting, updating his site and - the very best thing ever - interviewing for a PA via a Google Hangout tomorrow. We look forward to learning all we can from him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Bleiman/508060067 Andrew Bleiman

    Old Spice is no stranger to strange, but I think this campaign is hilarious genius.

  • http://www.reelseo.com/author/grantastic/ Grant Crowell

    Lazy. This wasn't so much an article as it was just free, undeserved PR for a big brand in an attempt to try and get a lot of views off whatever's trending in advertising media. Not a good trend to follow.

  • Carl Hartman

    So, P&G actually thinks people buy their products because of cute characters? Never once, while going down the isle in the store do I think "I saw their cute ad and somehow I connect that ad to an non-existent value proposition that gives me motivation to buy." Personally, I sniff and check out what smells good or my wife thinks smells good. - Wolfman/dog is doing nothing except to line the pockets of your ad agency. You'll never see a real increase in sales due to the dog.