The President’s Weekly Address Video Is Search Engine Optimized

The President’s Weekly Address Video Is Search Engine Optimized

Ok, so he isn't President just yet, but that hasn't stopped US president-elect Barack Obama from starting change already.  Obama has changed the Democrats' national weekly address and has released it as an online video, search engine optimized and all.

It seems that either Obama's team either knows what they are doing with online video (IE, has been reading ;-) or they just got lucky...   Not only are they releasing these the videos on YouTube, AOL, MSN, but they are also making it available on as a High-resolution, Quicktime format movie file.  I wonder if they have a Video sitemap.  In addition, they actually have the correct Title tags, URL convention, etc...

If that isnt enough, they have even posted a text transcript of the weekly address just below the video options on  We know how important on-page text is for search engines, right?

The President’s Weekly Address Video Is Search Engine Optimized

In fact, a search in Google for "Your Weekly Address from the President-elect" or "president obama's weekly address" returns a universal search whereby the address is the first and second organic listing, AND...  their Youtube video dominates the Universal SERPS.  Now that is what we like to see.  Of course, the there is certainly more that can be done, but....  it is a great start.  Who am I to tell Obama how to optimize video for search engines?  ;-)

Here is the first Weekly Address:

Obama will also post future addresses on his transition team's website and on their Youtube Channel.  The first address was released this past Saturday, 11/15/2008.

According to the transition team, the weekly video addresses will continue when Obama is in the White House.

"This is just one of many ways that President-elect Obama will communicate directly with the American people and make the White House and the political process more transparent," said his transition team Friday in a statement announcing the move.

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  • Andy G

    This is crazy...I have been pitching this to them. Looks like they took my advise! LMAO

  • Equalizer

    If the rumors are right Mr. Obama had some help from seo guru Jerry Booth, apparently he has Oprah as a client too.