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Delve launched a pretty cool little tool today that they announced on their blog which allows users to search inside the video of President Obama's Inaugural Speech.   To do this, type in your search into the searchbar in the player just above.  You will see a heatmap presented on the player with matches.  To jump to a portion within the speech, click on the heat map.

What is really interesting about this is the Heat Map in particular.  What the heat map will show you is how relevant the portion of the video is to the term that you searched for.  Red = Highly Relevant, Yellow = Relevant, Green = Somewhat Relevant.

Search Inside Obama Inaugural Speech Video   Delve Search Inside Technology

What that means is that it isnt just searching for the word that you entered but is matching your keyword to semantically related terms.  For the term "iraq," you can see in the image below that they also present you with instances wherever Obama said the word, "war."  A search for the word "terrorism" will give you results whenever Obama said "treats," or "security."  Definitely related.

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  • Grant Crowell

    Unfortunately, my experiences with the search function were zero for 3, and on three major figures:

    "Cheney" -- I got a result for Bush, no Chney

    "Biden" -- Message of "No results found"

    "Michelle Obama" -- again, message of "no results found."

    • Mark Robertson

      Well, he didnt mention Cheney in the speech silly. I know that you love Cheney, but let it go, he is GONE... =)