The Obama-Ayers Video SEO "Terrorist Connection"

Little did I realize that an innocuous video I did of former Weather Underground member Bill Ayers nearly 2 years ago and put on YouTube is now being shown on cable news stations and circulated by hardcore McCain supporters to support their claim that Democratic Presidential Candidate Barak Obama pals around with terrorists.

One thing I've noticed with the television coverage: CNN does give credit to "YouTube," but not myself as the author. Fox News doesn't even mention YouTube or myself as the source at all.

So my Video SEO activities have unwittingly supported terrorism. Hopefully I won't wind up in Guantanamo Bay.

What's ironic is I I had originally optimized this video around a then-notorious academic figure, Ward Churchill, who actually did support the Weather Underground and claimed to be the one who made their bombs. (Watch the video to hear more about it.)

(And yes, the video title has been been changed for temporary amusement.)

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