Nokia Ovi for Twango - Mobile Mulitmedia Sharing Platform

Nokia Ovi for Twango   Mobile Mulitmedia Sharing Platform

Twango, a multimedia sharing startup acquired last year by Nokia, is now part of Ovi, a new brand platform for the Nokia mobile internet services which feature multimedia sharing (of course), social networking, GPS functionality and mapping, and gaming to name a few. Nokia made the announcement Monday, though a blog post from the director of service development at Twango, Jim Laurel. According to Jim, Twango users who do not own Nokia devices will still be able to partake in the Ovi for media-sharing. In addition, the Twango team has software that they have developed for the Nokia N73, N82, and N95 model handsets.

Nokia Ovi for Twango   Mobile Mulitmedia Sharing PlatformIn addition, Nokia issued a video press release on Medialink to announce a new line up of Nokia devices for internet collaboartion and multimedia sharing. These new devices include a handset (N96) which will feature 16GB of memory and the ability to stream video from the web. Here is a sneak peak at the device courtesy of

Here is the text version of the press release from Nokia:

This year, Nokia headline with their Internet Services. Nokia President and CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo reinforces the company's vision and embraces the Internet by unveiling a new line up of converged devices and services that promote collaboration and sharing.

The new handsets all exhibit different location based and multimedia experiences, from pedestrian navigation to geotagging and movie viewing to video and photo sharing. Nokia sees mapping and navigation as a fundamental platform for the mobile phones of the future. They also reveal the next step towards Ovi, the Internet service environment, by introducing 'Share on Ovi'.

The N78 will be the first device to hit the market with 'Share on Ovi', which gives users a one-stop-shop for uploading, sharing and reusing personal media. The first Ovi branded service to be available on the market, it is completely integrated in the phone and allows on the move access to your personal online. More Ovi branded services can be expected later in the year, as Nokia build on their position in the internet services market.

But before you can share, you must create, and Nokia's newest additions to the Nseries range, the N96 and N78, take creating content to another level. The N96 offers 16GB of memory, or 25 Hollywood blockbusters' worth of video. Also available with the N96 is the latest DVB-H technology which lets you access live TV on the move, as well as streaming video from the web. The N78 takes 'Share on Ovi' and combines it with the all new Nokia Maps 2.0, Nokia Music Store and a digital camera. Meanwhile the 6210 Navigator is the company's first GPS-enabled device with built in compass.

Another new service Maps 2.0 takes mapping and navigation experiences to another level by enhancing pedestrian navigation, with multimedia city guides and satellite imaging as part of a redesigned interface.

"As we continue to free the Internet from the limitations of the desktop, we are taking mobility into a completely new realm of possibility," said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, Chief Executive Officer of Nokia.

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