As we all know, YouTube has become much more than just a website to merely consume video content.  It's the second largest social site with a huge, valuable community of creators, viewers, lurkers, and everyone in-between. Youtube networks have been popping up left and right as they realize the benefits of interacting with and collaborating together with a community of similar creators.

This week on the Creator's Tip, we talk with Jason Urgo of SocialBlade, who built a small niche network of YouTubers called "The YouTube Orbit (YTO) [Tubular Creator ProfilesView Creator Profile]" - around the concept of collaborating to create a video a day for a year on YouTube.  Jason shares what steps he took to get started, how he grew the network, and what benefits were realized by those that participated.

There are a lot of creators on YouTube who aim to post a video a day or collaborate with others, but they typically only do a video a day for a month.   For Jason’s venture they did the same thing but for a full year.  Also, the videos were not uploaded there, but marked as a favorite.  This way, you could go and look at them, but they would still remain on each creator's channel.

1. How did you find other people to form the community?

You have to go to people of similar interests.  A lot of it went into people that were commenting on other vlogger videos.  Shaytards [Tubular Creator ProfilesView Creator Profile], for example, is the number one vlogging channel.  You go there and look into their channels.  If they look like they're going to be interested in doing videos on their own channel, a video a day, then those are the people you want to reach out to.  It depends on the niche you’re looking at.

2. What was happening in that community network that actually helped views, subscribers, and visibility?

With 7,200 people, it helped just watching each other’s videos.  If you are a new vlogger on YouTube, you might have five people watching you.  Even though everyone can’t watch everyone else’s videos because there’s just not enough time in the day, you still have an instant community there.  There was also a chat behind the scenes, a Skype chat room to give people tips as well.

3. How did it work having everyone use the same tags?

Everyone used YTO in either the title or tag, so that grouped the videos together.  Related videos, more likely than not, would have another YouTube Orbiter instead of a random person.

4. What advice or steps could someone doing their channel all by themselves take to start building a network community around their niche?

First, you want to know what your niche is.  Find others that are interested in it.  Don’t just go and send out emails to people randomly.  Start something, then invite others to join.

5. Do you want to do it with people you feel comfortable recommending since you’re going to be promoting each other?

There are all different kinds of content on YouTube.  If you’re in more of a PG type audience, you want to probably stick with people around there.  Have some set guidelines to what your network of channels is going to be.

QUESTION: How do you collaborate with others in your niche on YouTube?