Nexidia Speech Recognition Technology To Assist With Enhanced Video Search

Nexidia Speech Recognition Technology To Assist With Enhanced Video SearchNexidia, the market-leading provider of highly scalable and accurate rich media search and speech analytics software, announced today they have been chosen by Thought Equity Motion, the world leader in providing access to high quality film, video and music content, to augment Thought Equity's online content tagging capabilities, enabling an enhanced, more effective video search experience to Thought Equity Motion clients.

With more content under management than anyone in the world, making Thought Equity Motion's content accessible quickly and accurately is imperative. Thought Equity Motion already sets the industry standard in text and context driven metadata; adding phonetic-based search capabilities adds significant value to customers looking for spoken-word content.

"Thought Equity Motion achieved a market leadership position by offering an unparalleled collection of video content and superior search technology," said Kevin Schaff, CEO of Thought Equity. "Nexidia's technology enhances our already-robust search functions, delivering deeper, faster and more accurate search results. Having their technology in place ensures that we continue to offer the most efficient, comprehensive search capability available in our industry.

Nexidia's patented phonetic-based technology circumvents the time-consuming process of dictionary-based training and maintenance needed to support the dynamic nature of consumer vocabularies.

Delivering the fastest, most accurate indexing and search of audio and audio-video content in the industry, Nexidia's search engine can be implemented in-house or accessed as an on-demand offering. In addition to search and autotagging capabilities, Nexidia also enables more effective search engine optimization, contextual advertising, dynamic playlists and flexible user generated searches of any word or phrase of interest.

"Exponential growth in usage and monetization of rich media is hampered only by the ability to discover the content. We've addressed the problem by providing a phonetic-based solution to extend beyond just metadata by accurately searching and indexing the actual spoken word contained in massive libraries of rich media, said Drew Lanham, senior vice president of Nexidia's Media division. "We are glad to be working with Thought Equity Motion to enable greater accessibility to the largest library of licensed video content in the world."

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