Weekly Web Video Industry Newsreel – The PTCESD Edition

Weekly Web Video Industry Newsreel   The PTCESD Edition

So it's been a couple weeks since I had a news round up. Mostly due to bring out at CES, then traveling back to Europe, then being completely wiped out by illness for over a week. Hence the Post traumatic CES Disorder edition of the news Reel today.So admittedly, I'm sort of out of touch with reality. I blame the illness and the trying to catch up on piles of work that's two weeks high and the fact that I'm still sleeping almost twice my normal 6 hours a day. Anyway, enough excuses.

Most Read at ReelSEO

Topping off the hot list here at ReelSEO this week in the number one most read spot is Jeremy's Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr Day Through Online Video.

Just behind that in second most read for the day is the Google TV vs. Boxee vs. Roku vs. Apple TV – Internet TV Devices Compared article that took a good deal of research on my part.

Third most read for the week comes from Jeremy as well with his How To Make Money On YouTube: Just Ask For It? post. Apparently, begging for cash on YouTube works…or so we're to believe.

Most Interesting Around the 'Net

We're not the end all be all of online video news (go ahead, dispute that one if you like hehe) so it's nice to see what others are talking about from time to time.

Social Media

Sidereel Survey says Social Media not important for TV viewers – In the survey, only 25% said they want to see what friends are watching and only 10% want to tell others. Far more interesting is the fact that 78% of SideReel users watch more than 5 hours of TV online per week and 42% watched via a connected device and Netflix with 40% overall streaming video to their TVs. Check the infographic at the link above.

Video Advertising

Adconion disentangles Joost from pile, sets up as stand-alone company to focus on video ads.

Ad-ology reports 45% of small businesses plan to use online video in 2011. Also that 30% of marketers plan to drop more cash in Cable TV ads this year.

Rhythm New Media reports 8x mobile video ad jump for 2010 – here's the report (PDF).

Video Sharing

Bloomberg reports Comcast facing FCC demands in online video to complete NBC deal. "Comcast Corp. may have to provide television programs to online competitors and wouldn't be allowed to interfere with subscribers' Web traffic to satisfy regulators vetting its planned purchase of NBC Universal, people familiar with the deal said."

Parting Shot: Another 'sexy' video

Naomi Campbell gets added to the sexy video list (with Beyonce and that country singer whose name I forget). While not really all that hot, this might be an edited down version. It's actually been airing on Russian TV so I expected more.

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