The Weekly Online Video News Reel – 27 Feb 2011

The Weekly Online Video News Reel   27 Feb 2011

I was going to name this one the Collective Bargaining edition, then the World in Flames edition then I just gave up and decided that it didn't matter. By now you all know what's going on in various countries of the world and hopefully what's happening in the great state of Wisconsin. If not, I suggest you check into it because the ramifications could be tremendous for everyone, not just unions and their members. OK, now I step off my soapbox and get to work.

Most read at ReelSEO

So top read here at the Reel Deal one and only ReelSEO was You Accused? The YouTube Saga and Criminal Case of Evan Emory (Part 1) considering the potential ramifications of what's going on there, that's no surprise.

Second most read was also YouTube but this time less controversial YouTube Getting Into The Live Sports Streaming Game

Third most read was again Mr Emory: YouTube Legal Issues: Evan Emory Charged with Criminal Sexual Abuse

So the morale of the story is… what? Don't imitate what you see on TV? Perhaps.

Interesting Video News Elsewhere

I always struggle with what to call this section of the News Reel but I think this will do for now.

Social Media and Networking Buzz

I wrote about the Oscars embracing social media, so did everyone else. But they're not the only notable group doing it.

The Dallas Police have decided that they need a social media officer and so they've now got one.

Disney wants to dip into social networking and pull out future consumers. Well, they bought Togetherville which is a social network aimed at children. Couple that with Playdom and you've got a very engaging environment for kids under 10 (and a lot of future potential mouseketeers).

Want to get your own social networking site on the cheap? How about MySpace which News Corp is trying to offload. You had better hurry as over 20 companies are said to have shown some interest, including Zynga who probably has enough cash to do it.

Video Advertising Spotlight

Mixpo Launches First Dynamic Video Expandable Advertising Unit – I'm guessing that they mean first for them as I'm sure I've seen similar features in other offerings.

Brightcove out of pre-roll slots for sale? So say some clients at a recent Video Journalism Summit. Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this video.

That could be good news for publishers who could perhaps net some further views and revenue.

Video Sharing

Here's an interesting set of articles:

Google prepping YouTube movie service for UK, says report which was then countered with YouTube has no plans to launch a movie rental business in UK- Report

I probably would believe they are but not based on the reporting from the Register who say they are "desperately searching for ways to make money out of its online video-sharing website YouTube." I imagine that they're pulling in quite hefty sums of cash already, because if they weren't they would have pulled the plug on it.


Here's a rather profound statement from a blog post on Technorati Viral Video Production Will Kill TV Commercials.

Clickz coughed up 13 Viral uptake tips, but one of them, Consider a paid media advertising component, sounds like cheating to me. Isn't the whole point of viral that it spreads by itself?

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