The Sunday News Reel: Video Related News In Review – Sept 26 – Oct 3, 2010

The Sunday News Reel: Video Related News In Review   Sept 26   Oct 3, 2010

Chris is taking the weekend off to catch up on some technical things (really he's just fiddling with computer hardware, playing video games and catching up on sleep) so I'm here to cover for him. This week saw a lot of talk about Apple TV which, while not exactly the ReelSEO coverage area, still could have wide-reaching implications for online video one way or another.

Top Video Related Industry Stories From ReelSEO

  1. 5 Top Twitter Video Marketing Strategies For Every Business - With more than 330 re-tweets and 60+ Facebook Shares already, this was our most popular article for the week.  Grant interviews TwitJump's founder Alex Lawrence and comes up with 5 top strategies for using the New Twitter for marketing web video.
  2. What Works Best For Web Video Marketing? Entertainment Vs Message – Should you aim to be entertaining, or is the marketing message more important.  Read this insightful post from David Murdico.
  3. New Video Ad Format To Turn The Tide For Video Advertising $ – Daisy Whitney's New Media Minute focused this week on a new video ad format called ASQ that was introduced by an industry coalition called Rising Tide Coop.  The feeling is that this ad format may help to realize the full potential of video advertising which has been hindered by lack of ad format standards.
  4. Giving Users Brand Choice Key to Video Ad Success on Short Form – Christophor Rick wrote a great overview of an interesting study released this past week from The Pool, part of Publicis Groupe, which indicates that giving consumers the ability to select the ads they see is vital to the ad success on short form video.
  5. Google Instant Expands To Google Videos And Other Search Verticals - Jeremy covers news of Google Instant's update to support video search and other Google search verticals.
  6. What Is A Video View? What Is Fraudulent? TubeMogul Helps Us DecideChristophor provides some insight into a report released by Tubemogul this week all about how video views are measured across the web.  Suffice to say – the industry has a long way to go in terms of proper video analytics measurement.
  7. YouTube Accounts For 13 Percent Of All Mobile Data Usage - Not only that, but video alone comprises more than 40% of all mobile data usage.  Read this recap from Jeremy.
  8. Google Video Sitemaps Webinar- Although this wasnt a news item this week, we had our webinar all about video sitemaps with Google on the 29th.  We had more than 1000 folks register for the event and almost 500 were live on the webinar.  Stay tuned as we will be posting a recap of the webinar later this coming week.
  9. Open Video Conference – Although we wrote about the show the week prior, the show was held this week in NYC and was streamed live in WebM and Theora which you can watch here.

Video Related Industry News From Around The Web:

Online Video Platforms

  • Blip To Go Full HTML 5 – This week at the Open Video Conference in NYC, blip's CTO Justin Day announced the new HTML5 player.  He also announced his intention to transition all of to HTML5 which takes things one step further than Vimeo and YouTube, who have only enabled HTML5 video players.
  • Brightcove Partners With Qoof For Video Apps- Qoof joins Brightcove's Alliance partner program to provide Brightcove customers with access to Qoof's video apps and analytic reporting.  E-commerce video seems to be on everyone's mind. 2011 will be an exciting year for e-commerce video.
  • Ooyala Customers Get Internet TV Channels – Ooyala announced a new partnership with Roku Inc.,whereby Ooyala publishers will now have the ability to create custom-branded video channels for Roku boxes.
  • Dailymotion Hits 70 M  Uniques with 57 % Jump in America – Not too much to this story that the headline doesnt already say – Dailymotion, the Paris-based online video site, has registered a 21 percent rise in unique visitors around the globe to reach 70 million.  I think this is interesting as Dailymotion is a very popular site that in my opinion, we dont hear enough about.

Internet TV

  • Time Warner CEO Says Apple's 99-Cent Shows Dangerously Low – Apple appears to be having a tougher time persuading the television industry and major networks and channels that this $0.99 rentals is a good idea.  In fact, the CEO of Time Warner says that such a move would  "Jeopardize" future of TV.  I got my AppleTV this week and as far as TV goes, it is a total flop.  There are hardly any networks, and that brings us to the next tidbit.
  • Apple TV has only 3 of top 25 TV shows-  I especially like the charts in that one as even Amazon VOD has much more :D
  • Hulu Plus Available On Roku And TiVo With news like this, cord cutting seems to be more of a fast approaching reality.  Last week, we heard from Verizon's CEO who confirmed that cord-cutting, is in fact, a reality.  This news also adds to the notion that Apple might want to take a hard look at it's Apple TV offering.

Other Related News of Interest

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