The Day In Online Video News And Views 27th January 2014

The Day In Online Video News And Views 27th January 2014

UK Intelligence officers based at GCHQ have been spying on us all since forever, but Edward Snowden has confirmed that the British Government has also been closely monitoring our YouTube video views, Tweets and Facebook Likes, without consent, since 2012. Why? To give a "wider context to individual investigations", apparently. Operation "Squeaky Dolphin" operatives must be sick to death of cat videos by now.

Although Netflix knows we all love a good binge, it also realizes we have lives to lead and so has enabled an off-switch for the feature that automatically plays the next episode in a series. I guess that could be handy for some, what with the second season of 'House of Cards' making its debut in just under 3 weeks. These and other stories of the last few days in video and cable land, from ReelSEO.

The Day in Online Video News

Major League Baseball Is Trying Hard to Expand Its Fan Base With Social and Video Integrations AdWeek

BBC Radio 1′s 'Head of Visualization' on how to get to a million YouTube followers FastCo

Multicast and the ‘Super Bowl Problem’ MultiChannel

Sky to air full shows on new YouTube channel DigitalTVEurope 

FTC: YouTubers should disclose paid promo, but it's not enforceable DailyDot

The Day In VoD and Cable News

Netflix 'post-play' feature that automatically jumps to the next episode is now optional Engadget

Samsung announces Netflix 4K streaming coming to its TVs in March TechRadar

Netflix must support French content creation, says minister DigitalTVEurope

Sundance Channel to Rename Itself SundanceTV Variety  

Netflix's Battle For Net Neutrality Could Look Like This HuffPo

Comcast to Take Manhattan? Operator Near Deal with Charter to Divvy Up TW Cable Territories Variety

Chipotle Hits Hulu With Debut of Satirical Series 'Farmed and Dangerous' AdAge

The Day in Advertising, Marketing and Mobile News

DirecTV, Dish shop targeted ads to political media buyers FierceCable

Internet Memes Rule A Sordid, Futuristic City In Squarespace's Super Bowl Ad BusinessInsider

MTV promises brands ad targeting based on social insights MarketingWeek

Old Spice: ‘Anthropomorphic Hair Will Get You Laid’ MediaBistro

Coke And Pepsi Trigger 'Ban' Of Scarlett Johansson's SodaStream Super Bowl Ad BusinessInsider

But Wait, There's More!

The Simpsons may have the smartest thoughts yet about Google Glass TheVerge

Snowden Docs Reveal British Spies Snooped on YouTube and Facebook ReCode 

Hey, TV Makers: Televisions Are Not Smartphones ReadWrite

Logitech launches camera that turns any place into a video collaboration room VentureBeat

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