The Day In Online Video News And Views 14th January 2014

The Day In Online Video News And Views 14th January 2014

Netflix are pioneers in so many areas, but VoD off-line viewing probably isn't going to be one of them. Joris Evers, director of global communications at Netflix, has confirmed that its “very unlikely” that the company will venture into offering offline viewing support for their subscribers. Evers argues that enabling this kind of feature would just complicate matters for their users. OK then.

The Cheerios ad that aired during the Golden Globes didn't go down well at all with a lot of viewers due to it's "mawkish" overtones and the fact that many felt they were being manipulated by the content. There was quite the Twitter backlash against the ad, which just goes to show how careful advertisers need to be with their target audience. These and other stories from the past few days in online video, VoD and advertising from ReelSEO.

The Day in Online Video News

HBO Is Putting the Girls Premiere on YouTube Vulture

NBC’s News Unit Teams With Video Start-Up NowThis News NYT

Vimeo Inks Exclusive Digital Deals for 13 Films from Toronto International Film Festival Variety

The Day In VoD and Cable News

DirecTV drops The Weather Channel, accuses it of loading up on reality TV Engadget

Netflix scores first Golden Globe win with Robin Wright in 'House of Cards' Variety

The Lonely Island Signs a Deal to Develop Shows for Fox via Hulu and Roku Splitsider

Blinkbox sales up 245% over Christmas DigitalTVEurope

Netflix Offline Viewing ‘Very Unlikely’ UberGizmo

Netflix Announces Pickup of Weinstein Co.’s ‘Marco Polo’ Adventure Series Variety

The Day in Advertising, Marketing and Mobile News

Powerful Dutch Video Shows How Important Service Dogs Can Be To Veterans With PTSD Buzzfeed

AOL’s signs video ad deal with The Guardian DigitalTVEurope

‘Manipulative’ Cheerios Ad Aired During Golden Globes Sparks Twitter Backlash MediaBistro

A Well-Known Parkour Team Claims KFC Tricked It Into Performing In A Ridiculous Ad BusinessInsider

Inspiring Ad Tells The Story Of Deaf NFL Player Derrick Coleman Buzzfeed

The New Muppets Movie Won The Golden Globes With This Incredible Ad BusinessInsider

But Wait, There's More!

Google Glass App Turns Your Life Into a Video Game Cheezeburger

Hulu Marketing VP Departs for Secret-Sharing Startup Whisper AdAge

YouTube insult leads to fine of 2 cows, 30 cartons of fish DailyDot

BBFC adds to push for online music video age-ratings MusicWeek

DriveSafe turns Google Glass into a safety warning system for drivers 9to5Google

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