New YouTube Features for Creators: More Monetization Opportunities!

New YouTube Features for Creators: More Monetization Opportunities!

Hurrah, there looks like there's going to be a goodie-bag of new features coming very soon from YouTube, specifically for video creators. The site wants to allow for more transparency and is allowing a little light on on its magic ahead of time. In a video released yesterday, Matt Glotzbach, Product Management Director for Creators, confirmed that they have several new features in development, and want feedback from creators on there viability. These include:

  • A Mobile app for Creators.
  • Direct-to-creator fan funding on YouTube to increase monetization opportunities.
  • Crowd-source captions (!!!!).
  • The ability to monetize mash-up videos and covers.
  • Royalty-free sound effects in the Audio Library.

Take a look at the news from the site:

As well as the forthcoming features, YouTube confirms that it's also rolled out the following:

YouTube wants feedback from creators - so fire away! We'll be covering each of the new developments in depth over the coming weeks.

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