YouTube Partner Video Advertising Revenue Share Program

YouTube Partner Video Advertising Revenue Share Program

YouTube Partner Video Advertising Revenue Share ProgramToday, Youtube announced that it has expanded the Youtube partner program where by video content creators can earn money from their online videos through a revenue share with Youtube on advertising revenue.  Earlier this year, Youtube announced the pilot launch of this program that helps participating partners earn money from selected videos.

As of Dec. 10th, 2007, anyone in the United States or Canada can apply to become a partner in this new program.  Applicants can sign up here.  As it states on thier site, applicants who have built a significant audience of users on Youtube (as measured by video views, subscribers, etc...) will most likely be choosen first for acceptance into the new program.

As for how revenue will be split, Beet.TV learned from a Google spokesperson that the split will be on a CPM basis with most revenue going back to the content video creators.  This means that Youtube is planning to share more than the 50% that most sites currently offer.  In addition, it appears that the ads will only show up on the Youtube site, not with videos that appear on blogs and social networks outside of YouTube using the embed code.  Although content creators won't make money via the embed code, Google is providing a syndication opportunity with AdSense.  Once enrolled in the AdSense program from a YouTube account page, YouTube videos are syndicated with an ad banner added to the player's skin.

Here is a screenshot of the new partner page:

YouTube Partner Video Advertising Revenue Share Program

Here is a video from the Youtube partner page

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