Late last week, YouTube rolled out some major changes to their design. The overall look is much darker, with more black and grey, but the layout is dramatically changed as well. The new YouTube is more focused on social activity around video and in letting viewers customize their home page experience. So... what does that mean for you? That's the focus of this week's episode of The Reel Web.

The New YouTube Design & You

QUESTION: What do you think of YouTube's design changes?

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  • proper8acake

    Its been a while since ive worn a black and white hat, and i was wondering, what are video posters missing out on by not upgrading thier homepages (i see alot arent upgrading)? Any numbers to back an answer

  • Cedar Olsen

    I will just close my YouTube account as the new design is a total mess.

  • Kifele

    I'm at about 25Mbps, but when I open more videos to load while watching the first one (about 4minutes clips) it is slooooooow and cutting. Even with one or two only.

    In previous design I could open dozens and everything worked fine.


  • PlagHunter

    Facebook? Piss off!

    Best regards from Germany

  • Tim Schmoyer

    Thanks, Frank! We're glad you find it helpful!

  • Frank Schwarz

    Here is my take -
    I love the new design. A bit more to overcome, but the stats are what I need to pay attention to. I've set up our companies channel to feature our inventory so I just need to see view counts and not subscriptions.
    I appreciate your videos and I am so glad I found your site! Keep the info coming.

  • Tim Schmoyer

    Hey Ron! Good questions. I teased the content about the new YouTube design in the beginning of the video, but covered some other stats first because there were more news stories from the online video world last week than just YouTube's design change. So I let viewers know that content was coming, but started by covering some other content from other notable news items first.

    For the jump editing video, everyone has a different taste with that. I showed people my style and what I like, but I also mentioned that others should modify it according to their taste when they edit jump cuts. It wasn't a, "This is how you do it" video as much as it was, "Here's how I do it -- make it your own" video.

    I do appreciate the feedback, though. It's always helpful. Just one clarification that would help me. In your opinion, are the cuts too "ragged" in all the videos or are you talking about the jump cut tutorial video? And what exactly do you mean by ragged? Like, they move too quickly? Need more space between clips?

  • Ron Harper

    Tim: There's always great info on REEL SEO, and I do enjoy the videos to some degree, but If I engage with a video about the new You Tube look, why is the first couple of minutes about Facebook? I watched your jump cut editing video a couple of weeks ago, and while it might work for some, I think the cuts are too ragged. Makes it a little hard to follow. Or maybe it's just me. Thanks for letting me rant.