Earlier, we talked about how YouTube's update to the channel design was being rolled out for partners and businesses and it's being called One Channel.  Now, we're getting confirmation from Google that the new channel design will be rolling out to ALL USERS by the end of the day.  When it happens, you'll be able to "opt in," but it will one day be something you just have to do.  Might as well do it as soon as possible, right?  Like all things related to YouTube, expect it to come through slowly, but it will officially be here for all today.

New Channel Design Rolling Out Today

As always, brands/businesses can add on to the new design, so they have a few extra privileges.

For those of you wanting another debrief on the new channel design, here's what iJustine had to say about it back in early February:

Today, the AdWords Agency Blog has a post entitled, "5 Things to Love About the New Channel Design."  It talks about all the new stuff you can do.

For more about the new channel design, being called One Channel, go to the official site.  It currently states "you will be able to opt in soon," and I'm being told that "soon" is by the end of the day.

  • mariskaadriani

    do you know how to set up playlist on your homepage of youtube channel, instead of activity feeds (just like the example on the official sites)? I tried to search for the option but couldn't find one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthonybucci Anthony Bucci

    Seems to me its all about limiting features and dumbing down the stock UX to be able to allow the ability for a unique / robust page as a premium, paid or invite feature set later. They gave too much to us for free too early! Now it's on to the car of tomorrow, resetting / leveling the monetization playfield ex post facto.

  • Victor Björling

    Is this the right direction to be heading? No. Why? Because it limits the personality and creativeness of the channel. You can make a channel super unique with the use of a background. Now everyone will be stuck with this? What about the exclusive banners for partners? Being a partner becomes more and more useless.

  • http://www.facebook.com/edsterilie Eddie Ilie