New Online Video Ad Format - InSkin

New Online Video Ad Format   InSkin

Dennis Publishing is the first publisher of premium online video to use the new patent-pending ad format and platform from InSkin Media. The website of one of the UK's highest circulating weekly motoring news magazine, Auto Express, has started running InSkin ads created by car brand Kia Motors.

New Online Video Ad Format   InSkinInSkin is a fully customizable display ad format which uniquely wraps around a video player to ensure continuous brand visibility, without disrupting the video viewing experience. Contextual and interactive rich media adverts are served each time a new video starts and at specified intervals during long-form video content.

InSkin allows advertisers to make creative and measurable interactive features and functionality available throughout video playback: for example click-throughs to external websites, expandable banners, and the unique ability to capture lead data without the consumer needing to leave the media player or website. Video playback pauses in response to interaction with the ads and resumes when interaction has finished.

Other major publishers have scheduled InSkin ads from a complement of well-known global brands including 20th Century Fox, to start running in January 2008.

Peter Wootton, managing director at Dennis Interactive, said: "InSkin is a fantastic solution to a problem that's been facing media owners and advertisers for some time: 'How to achieve impact and ROI for advertisers without destroying the user experience'.

"InSkin is much less intrusive than straight pre-roll activity, which improves the relationship between the user, advertiser and media owner and should help increase video consumption on a publishers site.

"We particularly like the way users can interact with the skin, for e.g. play a game, enter a competition or register for a test drive and when they return to the video, the player starts from the point the user left. Of course advertisers can still use pre-roll activity if they wish and then the format becomes a powerful companion advert, reinforcing the marketing message.

"At Dennis we are offering it across primarily our motoring and consumer brands as a powerful way to target our video inventory in a unique and innovative way.”

Patrick Knight, CEO of InSkin Media and inventor of InSkin said: "Online video viewers say they hate pre-rolls. In Skin addresses their concerns by making the advertising an integral part of the media player, where their eyes are fixed, without interrupting viewing.

"Advertisers benefit from extended brand visibility and opportunities for user interaction for the duration of video playback, whilst publishers now have a more effective and compelling way to generate revenue from their online video inventory.”

The InSkin enabled media player is available to online publishers in 'off the shelf' form or as a plug-in to their existing media player by downloading a simple toolkit.

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