It was only a matter of time.  It all began when TV director Kevin Tancharoen made a short Mortal Kombat film for YouTube called Rebirth, which led to the successful web series Mortal Kombat: Legacy.  Several million views and a DVD release later (set for November 8), Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema are planning to resurrect Mortal Kombat for the big screen once again.  Set for a 2013 release date, director Tancharoen and his Rebirth writer Oren Uziel are set to take on a new story for the Mortal Kombat franchise.  The first movie, directed by Paul W.S. Anderson, came out in 1995 and got a sequel in 1997.  All from a violent video game released in the arcades back in 1992.

Web Series Success Leads To New Mortal Kombat Movie mortal kombat 606x454

New Mortal Kombat Movie Coming From Web Series Director

Tancharoen took a gamble back in 2010 when he made Rebirth, as he made the short without the permission of Warner Bros.  But, as happens with things like Machinima, the studio embraced it.  Warner Bros. acquired (bankrupt) Mortal Kombat video game creator Midway in 2009 and got to work on the ninth game in the series, which was released this year and sold 3 million copies.  Speculation is that the web series helped boost sales.  Tancharoen was suddenly a golden boy in Warner's eyes.

So now, Tancharoen will direct a new movie, and this will be an entirely new story.  Also, since Warner is now in the video game business, talk of timing the release of a new game with the new movie is also being thrown around.

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You know, I don't care if they make a good movie.  I just want them to come up with a tune as catchy as this:

That's one of the only instrumentals in which you ever try to "sing the lyrics."

The first movie was a guilty pleasure, one of those that had no business entertaining at all.  The second one was pretty horrible.  It's kind of hard to come up with a story behind ripping someone's spine out in a fighting tournament, but that doesn't mean we can't try.  It will be interesting to see what Tancharoen and Warner Bros. decide to do with the new movie.  Something tells me Jason Statham will be in this somehow.

  • حسن الأسدي

    please send me all the parts of mortal combat movie please I beg you.
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  • Mark Vaynman

    Mortal kombat is awsome movie.

  • Srinivas Rajkumar

    movie is goin to be good.... but replacing the song is going to be hard....

  • Sarah Hernandez

    this is freaking awesome :D

  • Juddy Moneii

    I think it should be very bloody and have a great story that makes sense! Plus warner bros should work their ass off to make the movie a success.

  • Eddie Boot


  • Alex Berg

    Please no big name stars, PLEASE! Second, the games have violence and gore in them. You don't need to show graphic killings, but for f*ck sake, don't shy away from it like the other movies did. This should be an adult themed movie based on a mature rated game. But the way I see it, they can't make a movie that's worse than part 2, not even if they tried. So with the web series being as enjoyable as it was, I'm looking forward to the possibility of a good Mortal Kombat movie.

  • David Perez

    Web series was awesome, looking forward to 2013