This week we had the opportunity to speak with Benny Luo, CEO and co-founder of the website, NewMediaRockstars. The site follows all things new media entertainment related and includes great interviews by popular and up-and-coming YouTube personalities.  In this Creator's Tip video, Benny shares with us best practices that are common among some of the most successful YouTube superstars and things you should be doing to become the next New Media Rockstar.

What is a 'New Media Rockstar'?

While it is still a somewhat subjective term, Benny Luo considers a new media rockstar to be...

"...any artist or creative that has found a way to generate an audience online organically and managed to either build a brand off of it or build a business off of it."

Common Rockstar Traits:

There are many common traits and practices that are used by all successful YouTube 'Rockstars'.  While many of these have been mentioned often in previous videos, it is clear they are a necessary ingredient to ensure success in online media.

  • Produce Consistent Content - Viewers need to be able to count on what your content will provide them and when and how regularly they will be able to see content created by you.
  • Pick a Niche - Choose something you are really passionate about and expand on it.
  • Be Authentic - Viewers want to feel like they are watching someone they can relate to.  A personality they feel is a real person.
  • Take Action - Stop looking for all the reasons you might not succeed in online video and just start producing content.

In watching videos created by successful online personalities it may seem intimidating not having the best equipment, editing techniques or skills, however, the most important things you need to get started are:

  1. Passion for the content you are providing
  2. Authenticity that comes across in your videos

Thanks to Benny Luo for the time.  Don't forget to follow @newrockstars and @bennyluo on Twitter.