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Good news readers.... ReelSEO is excited to announce that we are now a distribution partner for Daisy Whitney's New Media Minute show.

For those of you that may not be familiar with Daisy, she is a producer, on-air talent, podcaster and more than anything, an expert in the online video industry. Her weekly show, The New Media Minute, will appear on ReelSEO every Tuesday.

As Daisy puts it, the show covers

"...all the latest developments in the new media business with a special focus on online video and who's making money - that could be venture capital money flowing into the sector, it could be advertising money, and I also love to take a look at independent producers and how they are making a go at it with online video."

It is my belief that those interested in learning online video marketing should immerse themselves in knowledge of the online video space. With Daisy's help, we hope to become that much better at equipping you with all you need to know about the new media industry, latest trends, best practices, etc... We are happy to be joining the ranks of other distribution partners like Beet.TV, HuffingtonPost,, iMediaConnections,, and a handful of others.

Stay tuned every Tuesday for the New Media Minute. Yipee

You can follow Daisy Whitney on twitter @daisywhitney.

Thanks Daisy and PS - that is a cool shirt!

About the Author -
By day, Daisy Whitney is a producer, on-air correspondent, podcaster and raconteur in the new media business. She produces conferences for iMedia and provides strategy consulting to businesses on their online video presence and the online video marketplace. As a reporter, Daisy covers new media for NBC’s KNTV,, Beet.TV, MediaPost and others. She also hosts the top-ranked iTunes audio podcast “This Week in Media,” which you should totally subscribe to. View All Posts By -

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  • Livemercial Sarah

    I'm so happy I stumbled upon this! I will be watching the videos, and Daisy, you are a natural on viedo:)

  • Tim Danyo

    Sweet. Love it! Love it! Every minute counts in the world of New Media right? :-)

  • Daisy Whitney

    Thanks Mark! I am thrilled for the association!