Cool Video Search Firefox Plugin

Cool Video Search Firefox Plugin

Search Plus for Video Beta is a cool new video search addon/extension/plugin for Mozilla Firefox offered by SEMInformatics. I downloaded the plugin which enables video search results from youtube to be shown on search engine results pages for each and every search that I perform in my Firefox browser.

It is a fairly simple idea that uses Youtube's API to serve video search results in a frame above your search engine results (regardless of the search engine provider).

Below is a screenshot of a search results page that I was shown in Firefox for a general search on Google – "newport beach parties."

Clearly the results that you will be shown are biased based off videos available only on YouTube, which is the reason that I choose the keyword phrase above for this example (Youtube has lots of this type of content) However, most general (non-"long-tail") searches with 3 keywords or less seem to produce results. Some of the best search results come with music related searches due to the vast amount of music related videos available on Youtube.

Cool Video Search Firefox Plugin

Click on the image below to download this plugin / add-on for Firefox:

Cool Video Search Firefox Plugin

Search Plus for Video Publisher's (SEMInformatics) Description:
Search Plus for Video – Firefox Edition – enables video search results while using any of the most popular engines — including Google, Yahoo!, Windows Live Search, and While conducting a search from your favorite provider, video results from providers such as YouTube are displayed in addition to the regular results — giving you highly relevant video offerings while reducing your mouse clicks and websites to navigate.

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