As Hulu Plus continues to expand, rolling out to new Android devices this week, Netflix is still seeing shrinkage from the cold shoulder that customers are giving them--regardless of what kind of backhanded apology the Netflix CEO spammed out to everyone who has ever had an account. Frank N. Magid Associates did some polling of the remaining Netflix subscribers and found that Netflix is indeed, the case study on how to alienate loyal customers.

46% Of Netflix Users Dropping Or Considering It

In fact, 30% of Netflix users polled said they are considering dumping Netflix because of all the recent changes including the price increase. If you were to extrapolate that out to the 24 million subscribers, you'd get about 7.2 million jilted lovers of Netflix.

On top of that, they also found that around 16% of those asked are already planning on dumping Netflix, again, that could be around 3.8 million users if it is a valid number for the entire service.

Ouch! Is that on top of the losses already? Wow, that's even more than I believed would boycott them.

Now they did only poll around 700 people over the course of the last week of August. That would be a margin of error of around 3.7% so it could as high as 8 million contemplating quiting and as many as over 4 million who actually have done so now that the price increase is in effect.

Meanwhile, Netflix states they expect to lose only around 500,000.

RedBox A Leading Alternative To Netflix?

30% of those polled said they will most likely use RedBox and other DVD vending machines to get their disc-based video fix.

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As for Netflix... alright, cue the Pac-man death sound...

  • Nick Meyers

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  • Antonio Centeno

    People say one thing and do another - I hear that 25% of Americans plan on losing weight this year and 43% are considering it. And the final result will be :)

  • Nick J Meyers

    Although poorly advertised - I think Block Buster is the obvious alternative. Not only price competitive, but they get new release movies 28 days faster, have X-Box etc. games to rent, and don't charge me xtra for Blu-Ray. Besides, if I don't want to wait for mail, I can always exchange right at the BB store down the street... netflix is over.

  • Sayed Ibrahim


  • Frank

    Color me in the 16%. I've pretty much given up on Netflix and am trying some of the free trials on

  • Darren Rubendall via Facebook

    No. Netflix is awesome. People need to relax. It's still a great deal.

  • Robert

    I opted out of netflix DVDs the day they announced the price increase.

    I kept streaming once I find the best alternative.