Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently confirmed that he wants the company to be "one of the big suppliers of 4K next year” and tests of the video format have already begun. Netflix have added 7 4K Ultra HD videos to the site to examine the quality of the clips and how they stream under different conditions. The footage, including one entitled "El Fuente 24 fps", promises an example of 4K at 24 frames per second, and viewers can take a sneak peek - as long as they have a 4K television handy. Netflix have already announced that the second series of their Emmy winning flagship show 'House of Cards' was shot in 4K and will be amongst some of the first content to be rolled out to the audience in that format.

Netflix Testing 4K Video Streaming Ready For Roll Out In 2014 house of cards netflix emmy

4K video, four times the resolution of a 1080p video, presents enormous technical challenges to the provider and also to the consumer as it is going to use an awful lot of bandwidth. Netflix obviously have confidence that the broadband infrastructure will be able to support it and more viewers will choose 4K as an option as they upgrade their TV hardware.

  • Brian

    4K makes no sense in a living room! It is BEYOND THE RANGE OF HUMAN VISION! Why waste the storage, bandwidth, or money on a TV, until you get to 10+ foot televisions, it doesn't make any sense, and there's no need for a 10+ foot television. I say that, and I'm in charge of a cable headend!

  • Ilse Koch-Batchev

    With AFM going on this week, lots of interesting articles on the state of the industry, indie production and sales. And while “Independent” can have a very wide definition as far as budget, producer and director – good revenue in foreign markets is essential to a distribution strategy. And that is based on recognizable stars they can sell to their audiences. Not that it can’t be done without stars, but most deals made are commensurate with who’s on the screen. And of course, good story, production value, etc.
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