Netflix seems to have a two-pronged strategy for their original content efforts, creating new shows from scratch and buying existing shows from other publishers or producers. And this week, there are rumblings of another existing show joining Netflix's roster: Fox's just-cancelled science fiction series, Terra Nova.

With House Of Cards, they came in at the beginning, outbidding HBO and all other suitors for the rights to produce and air the show.

However, with their first series to air, Lillyhammer, they actually picked that up after it was filmed by another production company. (That series’ first season is already available in its entirety to Netflix streaming customers).

And in the case of Arrested Development, they resuscitated a show that was dead and gone—meaning they took another network’s cast-off and are breathing new life into it with a new season and a feature film—all several years after Arrested Development was cancelled.

Their latest potential pick-up is another show that’s been cancelled, but a lot more recently. It’s the Steven Spielberg-produced Terra Nova, which Fox dumped recently over poor ratings. It’s presumably only a coincidence that it’s another Fox show.

According to Deadline, Netflix and Terra Nova’s production company—20th Century Fox—are in discussions to revive the show and air future episodes on Netflix.

Anyone still think Netflix isn’t serious about getting into original content creation? I wonder if the rise of this kind of thing will have a direct impact on the lifespan of certain TV shows--will networks be more willing to give a struggling show a chance if they know Netflix is out there waiting to swoop in and snap them up?

  • Christian D. Morrill

    If they continue terra nova I will also get a netflix account.

  • Jenni Zupp Milne

    I hope so. I really enjoyed Terra Nova.

  • Phillip Nakov

    That was one of the best shows of the season! Such a shame that it was cancelled... so glad it may see new life on Netflix! Awesome... another reason to keep my account. :)

  • Tom Aikins

    This is going to become more and more prevalent as these sites like Netflix realize that they have the distribution muscle that's needed to finance and create their own programming.

  • Chris Simmons

    If they continue terra nova I will get a netflix account.

  • Steve Norman

    Would be I pity if Terra Nova isn't picked up by other networks. Shows should be based on the entertainment value. And this is entertainment at best.