Netflix Plugin for Windows Media Center

As one of our predictions for online video in 2008, we touched upon bridging the gap between computers and the livingroom as far as online video is concerned. And, we have already seen companies announcing new devices to support VOD (video on demand) and IPTV (internet television) being announced at CES 2006, and we know that Apple and others have announced support for rental movies online.

So, if you want to make your computer like your television without the need for a tv video card or a media extender? We have a new tool to introduce you to that works with Windows Media Center on Windows Vista systems. It is a Free plugin called MyNetflix created by Anthony Park for Windows Media Center to browse and watch videos from your account at Netflix.

Here are some screenshots of the plugin at work:

Netflix Plugin for Windows Media Center

Netflix Plugin for Windows Media Center

Here are some features of the MyNetflix plugin:

  • View your Netflix queue
  • Browse movies by genre, top 100, new titles, etc.
  • View your history and recommendations
  • Add movies to your queue
  • Remove movies from your queue
  • Move movies to the top of your queue
  • Browse "watch now" movies
  • Play "watch now" movies

Although there are less titles and fewer new releases in the streaming library at Netflix, with this plugin, you can use Media Center to stream these videos using the Netflix "watch now" service. I'm pretty sure that Netflix will be expanding this library at a good pace.

You can download the plugin here.

Try it out and let us know what you think. Thanks to engadget for pointing this out to us.

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