Netflix: App Coming To Sony PS3, Expanding To Canada

Netflix: App Coming To Sony PS3, Expanding To CanadaDuring Netflix's latest financial report conference call, CEO Reed Hastings stated that there will be a major new Sony PS3 user interface, which will not require a disc. He stated that it would launch before their next report in October.

Netflix has an exclusive agreement with Xbox 360 to supply content there via a native app. That agreement is set to run out and Nexflix has always stated that they would expand to other consoles when they could. Now the PS3 will have, for US users, both one of the best TV streaming sites (Hulu) and one of the best movie streaming sites (in a much easier to use format) to add value to their product.

Hastings also stated that the Netflix UI would have dynamically updated content and improvements.

On top of that Hastings also said that they are looking at expanding into Canada but that the price wasn't set just yet. He also said that further international expansion would be dependent on what they 'learned' from their expansion to Canada.

The streaming video competition is certainly heating up on the game consoles. With the PS3 having both Hulu and Netflix it could make them the top of the heap. The PS3 does also offer more localized content throughout much of the world in regards to streaming video right from the console's dashboard. However, in some areas, like here, the content is poor, lacking and the interface is clumsy as it uses the web browser instead of having a native app generally.

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  • darkbridger

    If you use NetFlix, I'm sure you'll be happy about this. I have 2 PS3s, one can't read the disc of the other without erroring out when I play a movie. ( I used to have two PS3 discs, let's ignor those details ).

    I'm sure a remedy would just be that I get a 3rd netflix disc, but really, I just want the thing to work, I don't want to screw around ordering discs, inputting codes, and calling netflix if there is an issue.

    This setup should bypass a lot of problems.