MySpace TV Finally Launches Direct Video Recording Capability

You can do it on Youtube, you can even do it on Facebook, now you can do it on Myspace. One of the downsides to Myspace has been the video sections. Sure, you could load up videos, but you couldn't record direct. Now you can.

Myspace have finally joined their competitors in allowing users to save videos recorded 'live' from their web cams. It is strange it has taken so long for Myspace to incorporate the feature. However, with the advent of Myspace Music, their minds may have been elsewhere.

This will be a real plus for social marketing. You will able to record product launches live and live how to videos. The later could be done in response to live questions.

Live broadcasting across all the major social media sites is almost complete. What is next on the horizon - who knows. For social marketers, it has just become that little bit easier to do your job.

To access the Direct Video Record & Upload function, log into your MySpace account and click the "upload a video" link, then click on the "Record a Video Now" button. Users will be able to share videos just like normal, and embed them on other sites.

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