This week on the Reel Web, we review the latest online video news and trends from the past week including, YouTube implementing 3D Video automatically on certain videos, the partnership between Paramount Pictures and YouTube to provide movies available for rent on YouTube,  Invisible Children's response to criticism of their Kony 2012 video, Google Hangouts (Hangouts on Air), Google's ability to tour popular locations and more...

YouTube Converting Videos to 3D

In the hopes that 3D is the wave of the future, YouTube announced that it will start converting any 1080p video that is uploaded to a 3D version.  Using a combination of characteristics found in the video including things like color, spatial layout and motion, they are able to estimate a depth map for each frame of the video to convert it to a 3D image.

YouTube and Paramount Pictures to Provide Movies for Rent

In a similar fashion to XBox Live or Amazon Video, YouTube will soon be offering hundreds of movies available for rent via a partnership with Paramount Pictures.  It appears current pricing is similar to other online rental sites, however it is possible the move could be YouTube's attempt at placing themselves in line for potential future expansion in this area with all the new technology coming out that already has YouTube integrated into the systems.

Invisible Childrens' Response to Criticism of Kony 2012 Video

Since it first launched Kony 2012 - Part 1, Invisible Children has been causing a lot of controversy with their viral video and organization.  In a strategic social media move, the group has now launched a response video to give fans and critics alike a behind the scenes look at their organization and the people behind it.

Google On Air to Launch

At the recent Social TV Summit Google Engineering Director, Chee Chew announced that Google Hangouts will soon be offering Hangouts On Air.  The current Google Hangouts video chat is currently limited to 10 people, but with On Air users will be able to provide events to an unlimited audience.  Official launch date has not been announced yet, but in the meantime, let us know ideas you have for the first ReelSEO live event when this feature is available.

Tour the White House with Google Street View

Google Street View and Google Art Project have teamed up to provide you with a virtual tour of the White House.  The virtual tour provides you with the same tour you would be able to experience if you were there for a public tour, but it can be viewed from the comfort of your own home.  The groups have used cameras that provide images so clear you can zoom in to see details such as brush strokes on the paintings.  YouTube and Google Art Project already launched virtual tours of famous museums last year and we expect with the success of this project for more virtual tours to  be available soon.


  1. What do you think YouTube will do with all the new content they are making available? 
  2. What ideas or requests do you have for a live show by ReelSEO on Google HangOuts?