Motorola Mobility Acquires TV & Film Directory Service SetJam

Motorola Mobility Acquires TV & Film Directory Service SetJam

Motorola Mobility, who is still being picked up by Google, is picking up SetJam. It's like one of those Matroyshka Doll sets right now. The Google deal with Motorola Mobility is still in review by everyone involved but that's not stopping them from grabbing up some complimentary services.

"Motorola and SetJam share the vision of making content delivery, discovery, and consumption seamless across any screen, and as a world leader in video technology, Motorola will provide us with unprecedented levels of reach and distribution," said Ryan Janssen, chief executive of SetJam, in an e-mail announcing the acquisition.

SetJam's database included TV and film content on the web including sources like Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon and offers affiliate program services like contextual ads to monetize third-party content and increase sales of the premium video content. SetJam offers a full set of options including XML and REST data-rich applications.

It seems like MoMo is thinking about making big bucks through its devices and once it's scooped up and incorporates Google TV that means you should be able to browse and buy content from more than just some kind of Google shop. It could also help others monetize their content better by lining up complimentary ads with the content they have available when viewed through a Google TV device.

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