We've been sharing some video interviews from my recent trip to the Machinima LA offices, including a tour of the facility and a chat about the company's belief that YouTube is social. I also got a chance to talk with CEO Allen DeBevoise about the Mortal Kombat Legacy web series project and what its success might mean for web series in general.

As DeBevoise points out, the Mortal Kombat Legacy story is an interesting one from multiple points of view in the video ecosystem:

And so one of the great things about this is it shows this model of short film shown on YouTube drove a bunch of numbers and then it went to the next level which was a web series and then after that it went to a movie, right?

And the success of the web series has pretty huge implications:

And in turns out also that Episode 1 of Mortal Kombat was competitive with the first episode of True Blood and you know, things like Walking Dead and things that are on television. So one of the things that we're doing is really starting to say is the type of numbers we're generating are generating numbers that are competitive with the type of demographic programming you see in television in the United States.

You can view the full video transcript by clicking below the clip.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1105014505 Jeff Uguru

    Very insightful...I am a great fan of MK, I have performed in a Liu Kang fatality sequence..feel free to check it out...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AILna32Aqv8.

  • Grant Crowell

    Hey Mark, did you invite him to go jogging with you, too? ;-)