5 Tips On How To Make Your Mobile Website User-Friendly

5 Tips On How To Make Your Mobile Website User Friendly

As part of the continuing coverage of the mobile opportunity, this week's New Media Minute includes several tips on how to make a mobile-friendly Web site, with details from consumer research firm OpinionLab on the user experience and on how to create a mobile friendly website, that's user friendly.From the user experience, to check-in services, to the size and shape of buttons, here's a how-to guide for making your brand mobile Web site friendly.

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Top Tips for Making a Mobile Website User-Friendly

1) Consider Design Elements that are Mobile Friendly.

Consider the user experience.

  • Make sure button sizes are big enough for a mobile phone.
  • Dont make users scroll side to side, make your
  • Find out what your customers want to do with your website on a mobile phone and then optimize your site for that purpose.

2) Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Applications

Determine whether or not you need a mobile App.  You may be better off making an investment into a mobile website rather than an app.

3) Include a Link for the Full Site Functionality, Non-Mobile

4) Take Advantage of Functionalities like Facebook Places and Foursquare

5) Extra Tip - Use HTML5 video or fallback for Mobile Video.

You can also link to an MP4 file for iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. You can read more about HTML5 video here.

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