Photobucket pulled some numbers from their users of late to find out that mobile video uploads are continuing to soar. In fact, they have grown something like 300% in the past year (July 2010-2011). If we were to do a survey of new phones that came out in that time there would be a lot of HD-video capable smartphones, Android devices and improved mobile broadband, which probably all are factors.

45% of Mobile Users Shoot Video

For July 2011 it seems that mobile video uploads had jumped 14x more than they were in December 2010. Around 45% of Photobucket users use a mobile device at least once every week to capture some video. That's a pretty decent percentage. Just 17% said they do it once per day yet some even make videos several times a day, 9% in fact.

45% of Photobucket is around 45 million-ish users, so that is quite a large number of mobile users making videos and helps to explain the skyrocketing numbers.

A related report by TNS Global Market Research showed a similar, but somewhat more sedate, version of what Photobucket is seeing. Worldwide, they say 46% of mobile phone owners create videos with them, just a two percent increase from last year and it is expected to grow just another two percent.

Some of the impetus may be from social networking and media because it's now easier than ever before to share online. Some new smartphones even have dedicated sharing buttons for services like Facebook.

Between the eternal march of bigger, better, faster smartphones and mobile connectivity and the pervasiveness of social networking, this certainly seems like a trend that is here to stay and continue growing as whole new digital generations come of age, get phones and begin capturing video.

  • Pam Brossman

    Is there a concern for copyright and legal issues for people who are creating videos and uploading from their mobile phones without thinking of the ramifications of putting people's faces and brands on public media without permission?

    • Jim Zaccaria

      Not until Lawsuits begin when it may be too late.

    • Pam Brossman

      I know it is a huge concern for people at the moment not knowing what they are allowed or not allowed to do with mobile marketing and videos and photos vs people's privacy. I believe it has something to do with whether it is considered a news statement or not

    • Jim Zaccaria

      @[1425262473:2048:Pam Brossman] My understanding is if one is out in general public, there are no privacy issues. However, if you're going to Sell the video - Then Copyright Law comes into play.