Mobile Video Tips: How to Shoot Video with a Camera Phone

Mobile Video Tips: How to Shoot Video with a Camera Phone

Sometimes we forget that mobile video can often be shot on our cell phones.  Luckily, Vimeo has us covered with some tips on how to make even that video production method look good. When you need a quick and dirty video and all you've got handy is your mobile, or if you want to shoot some video that looks user-generated (for whatever reason) here are some mobile video production tips an techniques from Vimeo.

Mobile Video Tips: How to Shoot Video with a Camera PhoneThis is part of the Vimeo Video School project and these tips are, admittedly, a few weeks old. But I thought they were interesting even if some are common sense to most of us.

One of the things I thought, while reading their tips, was that you could not do these things if you were trying to make a video look more like it was user-generated. One of the tips specifically that made me think this is the landscape vs. portrait tip. Generally, I turn my phone sideways when I'm taking video, but I have a slide out keyboard to grip when I do that, and I work in the industry sort of. My friends on the other hand, all hold their phones in that portrait way that people are more used to shooting video in (aside from some other tech savvy friends that is).

Vimeo's Tips for Cell Phone Video Production

  • Short video is better
  • Hold the device still
  • Record often and from different angles
  • Check out some video apps

Finally they offer a few style tips. But I don't want to reinvent the wheel and give you all the basics. I just thought that some of these could definitely be useful when you're shooting or going for a certain look of your video project. Especially after that report which stated a combination of user-generated and pro-made content does wonders for a brand. Here's the full article over at Vimeo.

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