The Biggest Trends in Mobile Video Advertising for 2011

The Biggest Trends in Mobile Video Advertising for 2011

I reached out to some thought leaders at the end of the year about what they saw as being the biggest trend in mobile video ads for 2011. Many didn't respond, most likely enjoying a lengthy holiday since they're all upper level execs and even their contact people were out of the office. But I did get to big replies from Brightroll and YuMe.

The exact question I posed to the industry was: What will be the biggest trend in mobile video ads for 2011? Here's what we got back in reply (thanks to those who found the time to reply).

Mobile Video Ad Infrastructure, CPMs & Dedicated Budgets

The Biggest Trends in Mobile Video Advertising for 2011

Dan Mosher, VP Mobile & Network Development, Brightroll

Mobile video advertising offers the best characteristics of online video advertising because it is an interactive, "lean in" branding experience that is highly scalable.  In addition, it is truly a full screen experience that offers enhanced targeting capabilities.  Unfortunately, the infrastructure to support mobile video advertising at scale -- meaning with proper third party ad serving, measurement, yield optimization, etc -- has not been built out yet.

The biggest trends we see in 2011 will be that:

  1. BrightRoll and others will build out the infrastructure required to serve mobile video advertising at scale.
  2. Publishers will see a dramatic increase in video ad CPMs versus current mobile banner CPM.
  3. Brands will start to earmark specific budget amounts for mobile video advertising.

Mobile Video Advertising Interactivity, Cross-Platform Buys & WiFi

The Biggest Trends in Mobile Video Advertising for 2011

Ian Foley, Sr. Dir. Business Dev. Emerging Platforms, YuMe

In 2011 we are going to see brands purchase mobile video advertising as part of cross platform buys, not as a one off purchase of solely mobile video.  Budgets will come together from mobile and digital to leverage cross platform reach  - which will include mobile, online, and TV in coordinated campaigns.

Additionally the incredible growth of consumers watching mobile video over wifi networks will continue.  Networks will invest in these and we will see an increase in wifi ubiquity which will lead to more sophisticated and interactive mobile video advertising units being available.

Where Do You Think Mobile Video Advertising is Headed?

I had really hoped that I would have more to offer on this one, but the timing was of course poor. It took this long to pull together as I was in attendance at CES 2011 in Las Vegas as well. Now that I'm back in the office and getting over my recent illness (due to the 7 plane adventure that was my trip to America) I'm hoping to put together some further pieces.

While I'm doing that, why not tell us what you think will be the emerging trend in mobile ads for 2011?

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  • Rebecca Dias

    Watching the March Madness college basketball playoffs this past weekend on the iPhone 4, I noticed how flexible it was to stay on top of my favorite teams with who won and who lost to make the NCAA Sweet 16 tournament. It also made me realize that I was watching more televised news and events on the iPhone than I would normally do on the living room TV. Can Mobile Video Change Our Viewing Behavior?

  • Jeff Dixon

    I admit I am stupid. But I do want to make an effort to understand this.
    You wrote... "will build out the infrastructure required to serve mobile video advertising at scale."
    What does that mean exactly?
    Are they going to reach a bigger audience? Are the videos are going to play on more devices?


  • Jeremy Campbell

    It's good to hear that mobile ads will start blowing up, money needs to follow the eyeballs and they are certainly moving to mobile video. I now watch about 3-5 videos per day on my iPhone.