Migrating Your Content To Mobile Online Video Platforms: Tips From AOL Video

Migrating Your Content To Mobile Online Video Platforms: Tips From AOL Video

Mobile video usage is growing fast among consumers and big video sites like AOL Video are implementing mobile solutions as a result. In part two of our interview with AOL Video's SVP Ran Harnevo, he shares tips with the New Media Minute for how video sites can migrate their videos to mobile platforms as well, drawing on his experience at AOL Video and Huffington Post.

Migrating To Mobile Online Video Platforms

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So this week I am bringing you part 2 of my interview with AOL's head of video, Ran Harnevo, who talks about the upside of Huffington Post acquisition and also about AOL's strategy for mobile video:

Mobile Video On The Rise

"So is mobile becoming bigger, more important, more valuable. That question is yes. Definitely yes. And, you know, we're putting a lot of videos we have on AOL on HuffPost. We have a lot of younger audiences. We're seeing huge growth in mobile. "

Cross-Platform Is The Way To Go

"The only thing I can say when it comes to mobile is that cross-platform is next thing in video online. It's not only mobile, it's connected TVs, it's being able to push your content to all connected devices. And then get one, consolidated technology that helps you send the content in the simplest way, advertise on the content in the simplest way."

"We have one system–one robust system–one ad server that helps us do the whole thing in the simplest way, through one point that an advertiser has visibility into. And I think that publishers and technology companies shouldn't create different solutions for mobile, different solutions for conntected TVs, different solutions for the web. You've got to have one sustainable technology, because mobile is coming, and we're actually seeing a lot of views and a lot of dollars tapping into this space."

About AOL Video

"We basically have more than 300,000 videos that we curate and vet and aggregate and produce. So we have a mixed offering of content. And the content lives, basically, on AOL sites and in our distribution network. Which gives us a huge scale. We have more than 400 million streams a month… and we let advertisers tap into a wall that has tons of curated, highly produced content in a lot of environments–which is, you know, HuffPost, AOL.com, and more than one thousand publishers."

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