blinkx Teams With Miniweb

blinkx announced today that they are working on a technology integration with Miniweb. This will help everyone get their interactive videos and web-styled adverts on television. Miniweb will use Blinkx video search and other features as part of its online platform.

What this means is that both broadcast and internet video search will be available via Miniweb's broadband connections. This will affect more than 9 million UK households and will cover over 600 interactive TV sites.

Additionally, other blinkx features like recommendations and personalization will all be available through the platform for the end-users.

It also means that those attached pre and post-roll ads as well as any mid-roll ads will find their way to televisions attached to the service. Or at least that's what we hope will happen right? There's nothing wrong with another 18 million eyes having the potential to see not only your videos but also the ads attached to them since that's a revenue channel for a lot of online video.

The announcement did not state much in the way of advertising or monetization potential for the video sites or creators but nothing is ever done without motivation and I'm sure there were large piles of motivation discussed in this deal.

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