Mid-Week Online Video News Reel March 30th

Mid Week Online Video News Reel March 30th

It's Wednesday once again and time for me to clear out the email inbox and catch you up on some stuff that I have been tracking in the industry. Plus, it helps me keep my inbox at a manageable size and get everyone a little extra information in the process (and coverage for the things that come in). So let's get it on!

Vzaar Bit Rate Tool for Online Video to Determine Viewing Quality

The new vzaar tools hub section enables web video viewers to use the Online Video Speed Test to figure out how high of quality of videos they will be able to watch on their office or home computer.   Viewers that have been having problems watching online videos can now find out what their Internet download speed is.

Vzaar has created a special bit rate tool to test playback performance based on the bit rate of the video. The tool displays several videos with varying bit rates so that viewers can see at what bit rate their video experience starts to degrade.

These tools are also important for video producers. When uploading video to a hosting site, video content producers need to balance the quality of the video against the file size. The bit rate of video indicates the quality of the video by measuring the amount of data transmitted per unit of time.   The higher the bit rate, the greater the quality of the video.

The higher the quality, the larger the file. This means that more data will need to be downloaded in a period of time. The additional data not only increases the bandwidth requirement but also has the potential to impact the viewing experience for users on slow internet connections.

VMix platform LIVE and Pre-recorded Facebook Video Rentals

The product allows media companies to showcase and rent rights-managed video on Facebook fan pages, boosting media sales through their social networks. Once rented, consumers have the option to watch the video immediately in Facebook, or later on a Smartphone, tablet, computer or Internet-connected TV.

Key components of the platform include:

  • Integration with social-commerce engines to keep transactions and consumers in Facebook, encouraging easy and wide social distribution
  • Live and on-demand video streaming direct to Facebook fan pages and any Internet-connected device
  • Fine control of video rights management and distribution
  • Interactive video templates and galleries for promoting content in Facebook

For more information on VMIX's support for video-based applications on Facebook, visit:http://www.vmix.com/products/VMIX-Social.

Nikki Sixx's World of Hurt Head to Hulu

Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has spent years collecting photography and jotting notes that captured the anger, love, optimism, darkness, and determination that shaped his work. He compiled it all into a masterwork called THIS IS GONNA HURT: THE DOCUMENTARIES, which chronicles his experiences — from his early years filled with toxic waste, to his life with Mötley Crüe, to his death from an OD, and his eventual rebirth through music, photography, and love.

Diva AG Rebrands to Viewster

DIVA AG, the European based distributor of high quality movie content to industry partners around the world, is to rebrand itself 'Viewster'.

The Viewster name is already used to brand the company's end-to-end offer on-screen to consumers. A content provider for on-demand platforms including iTunes and Netflix, it also provides channels to services such as YouTube and Hulu, as well as delivering an end to end on-demand movie solution to manufacturers of connected TVs, Tablets and other devices, including Samsung and LG.

Video Advertising Spend TV vs. Online

eMarketer reports TV Ad Spending Largely Unaffected by Growth OnlineMid Week Online Video News Reel March 30th

Ad spending on television, as in other traditional media, took a tumble during the recession, but TV is hanging on to its slice of the overall ad spending pie. While the internet's share of total spending will increase, it won't be at the expense of TV.

Television retains the greatest share of US major media ad spending, at 39.1% this year. It has recovered share since 2009 and will keep a steady hold at around 39% of the ad market. This suggests that the increases in online ad spending—set to grow from 15.4% of the total in 2009 to 25.6% by 2015—will not come at the expense of television, but of other traditional media like print and directories.

Netflix to Cut Big Deal with Miramax?

The Wall Street Journal reports Netflix is in negotiations with Miramax which might help beef up the catalog which seems to be shrinking at studios pull back from the big red.

Says WSJ:

The tentative deal marks a milestone for the investor group that bought Miramax from Walt Disney Co. last year for $660 million. The investor group, Filmyard Holdings LLC, is led by Los Angeles investors Ron Tutor and Tom Barrack. To earn back its investment, the company is aggressively seeking lucrative distribution deals in new and old media alike.

Miramax has held talks with Amazon.com Inc. and Facebook Inc., seeking similar terms, according to these people, but is not as close to deals with either company.

This could really help keep Netflix in the re-distribution business until it can manage to cut out the middle men and start becoming the first distribution point as I mentioned I thought they could do in a previous article.

DataXu Offers DX Video Cross-channel Advertising Platform

DX Video automatically optimizes results against the objectives dictated by the advertiser, including awareness, engagement, views, peer influence and sales. DX Video features DataXu's Audience Discovery technology, which enables an advertiser to find the best performing audience, engage with the audience at scale across the Internet, and glean new insights into consumer behavior.

DX Video brings the proven power of DataXu to online video, including:

  • Real-time programmatic buying across exchange traded media
  • Broad reach across quality inventory sources from a single point of control
  • Real-time optimization that achieves campaign specific goals
  • Unified measurement and reporting across all inventory sources, including end-to-end attribution metrics
  • Advanced targeting, including geographic, content categories, audience segments and retargeting
  • Audience Discovery that determines who, what, where, and when ad placements are likely to maximize results
  • Full media transparency into ad formats and placements, ensuring brand safety and quality control
  • Advanced consumer insights showing dynamic demand and consumer response

It's not tied into all video ad networks but is partnered with Double Click, Adap.tv and Brightroll.

Well that's enough to get you rolling on this Wednesday morning.

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