The Importance of Quality Metadata In Monetizing Internet Video

The Importance of Quality Metadata In Monetizing Internet VideoGotuit, a leading provider of video optimization technologies, today announced that it is making available its latest white paper, "The Currency of Internet Video: The Importance of Quality Metadata in Monetizing Internet Video. A must read for any digital media executive, the paper analyzes the crucial role of metadata in unleashing the full value of video libraries. To be most successful, video publishers must focus on the quality of their metadata, just as they do on the quality of their video and audio.

Topics covered in the white paper include:

  • The relationships between metadata and advertising performance, both for in-stream video and on-page banner advertising.
  • The ability of metadata to multiply the amount of information in a video search index.
  • How the challenging problems of content navigation and discovery can be solved by better application of metadata.
  • A comparison of human-authored, scene-based metadata versus automated approaches.
  • Specific examples of premium metadata driving superior results.

You can download this excellent whitepaper here.

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  • scott broomfield

    Context - How does the metadata relate to the overall messaging. Thisnk about positive metadata and negative metadata. Both are important.