Metacafe Video Search Undergoes Redesign

I just got an email from Metacafe that they have redesigned their website.  There is a new "popular now" section, a new look to the homepage, and new features coming soon.  The email I received can be found below this screenshot of their new homepage.

Metacafe Video Search Undergoes Redesign

"Metacafe is sporting a new look this spring. You may have already noticed our home page – which now features a simpler, cleaner design that makes it easier for you to access the freshest, most entertaining videos on Metacafe.

We've added a Popular Now section that is updated hourly with videos that are popular now, according to what you and your fellow 30 million Metacafe viewers are watching, talking about, rating, sharing…

The My Subscriptions box has a new home on the right side of the page – and now displays up to 5 channels at a time. If you're doing a little spring sprucing up yourself, now's a great time to add to your Metacafe "must see" list with new channel subscriptions.

More to come in the following months – so stay tuned…

The Metacafe Team"

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