Memorial Day YouTube Food Videos for Your Awesome Cookout

Memorial Day YouTube Food Videos for Your Awesome Cookout

Memorial Day is about remembering the people who have died serving in the United States Armed Forces.  So, of course, it's a day of cookouts and an excuse to have a drink or two.  Memorial Day is one of the biggest cookout days along with July 4, so it only seems natural that videos which revolve around today have two things in mind: remembrance...and food.  So, I've culled a few videos for Memorial Day that can work for you this afternoon, tonight, or future Memorial Days.

The first three come from this year, and many of the others come from 2012.  But that doesn't make them any less delicious.

Food Wishes shows how to create a "Curly 'Q' Sausage," and it looks awesome:

Here's the mouth-watering "Baby Blue Burger" from Leaf TV:

A dairy-free, patriotic trifle, from I'm Haute:

Maybe you prefer bison burger.  Here's how to make that:

Modern Mom went virtually Epic Meal Time last Memorial Day with Bacon Wrapped Corn on the Cob:

How to make peanut butter balls:

How to make the summer drink known as Pimm's Cup:

Leaf TV again, this time "Chipotle Lime Grilled Corn:"

If you watched many of these videos, you may have noticed a whole bunch of food channels got together last year to make the "Ultimate Memorial Day Menu."  You can see this in a big playlist here.

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  • Anna Pham

    I love all of those dishes, easy and simple to make and definitely taste good.