Medioh Video Aggregating Platform

Take a look at this new startup -  The creators of Clickcaster, sold to Nexplore, have been working on this new video platform for some time. This site claims to be the ultimate guide to web video that will allow you to find and aggregate full length high-definition HD video, popular web clips, and a variety of niche channels. Medioh is a video aggregation platform built on ruby rails that aggregates videos from sources across the internet and the makes them searchable via rich searching and filtering tools in medioh.

Users can create channels and subscribe to the RSS feeds for these channels in order to be notified of new results. Medioh offers easy tools for consumers to search through thousands of video clips and video channels all in one place as well as to create mashups and view channels on the iphone.

Developers can use the free API to integrate medioh's search and recommendations in to their own web applications and devices. Device interfaces are easily optimized and results are filtered for device compatible videos.

"Medioh brings broad experience in media, software, and telecom from such companies as Apple Computer, Echostar, MCI and Paramount Pictures. We are well-versed in a wide array of programming languages, Web 2.0 services, interface design, implementation and real world execution. medioh! is leveling the playing field of the IPTV and emerging broadband video industry with innovative products and services that are easy to use and affordably priced, without sacrificing features or reliability.”

Of Cource, Im updating this more than a year later - and neither site seems to have been updated in a very long time.   Im guessing that they went away?

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