MediaPost Launches Video Sharing and Social Networking

MediaPost Launches Video Sharing and Social Networking

I just received the following email from Media Post announcing their new social networking platform which is powered by conVerdge. In it, you can see that it mentions the ability to share videos...

"Dear Mark,

We've just finished migrating to a new social networking platform to allow for stronger connections and better, more frequent communication among members. You can now directly interact with your colleagues, friends and business contacts, search for new leads, start or join groups of common business or social interest as well as share photos, videos and news feeds.

As a current subscriber to MediaPost email newsletters, you're a part of a business network of over 100,000 media professionals.

However, you can't make full use of the new MEDIAPOST COMMUNITY until you participate. Act Now: upload a photo, update your public profile information, and begin connecting with your colleagues.

It's the media industry People Finder on steroids! Become an active member of the new MEDIAPOST COMMUNITY today by clicking here..."

I immediately went to check out the video sharing features as well as the overall experience. Here are some of my initial impressions:

Video Sharing:
I have not quite figured out how to choose a video from Media Post or other Media Post Community users to "share" on my profile. I would also add that there seems to be a small bug in that I can not view the videos they display in their brightcove video widget. Clicking on the video thumbnails does nothing.

However, there is the ability to upload and post videos to your network.

They offer both a batch upload (via java) and a "simple upload" feature. Here is a screenshot of the simple upload:

MediaPost Launches Video Sharing and Social Networking

Unfortunately, I have a few preliminary complaints with this. In order to upload multiple videos, you need to utilize the same tags for each. In addition, clearly they could use a few additional categories, or at least an "other category" ;-) and perhaps description fields. Finally, there is no indication on either upload page as to whether or not there are file, length, or size restrictions. I have not tried enough videos to test this but I imagine that you would be disappointed when a video was rejected that you were not aware would have any limits. However, I do think this is a nice and simple layout.

It may sound like I am down on the site, but I realize it has just launched. I am confident that Media Post is headed in the right direction and will get this right. Part of the reason for my faith in this is due to their company but, in addition, I feel that media companies alike will HAVE to get video "right" on the web in order to survive in the coming years.

Social Networking:
As far as the social networking goes, the system is quite robust as described in the email above.

A particular feature that I enjoyed was their network/add friends utility. When setting up my network, I was able to choose from more than 70 different social networking and social bookmarking sites to add my network from a site where I have an existing account. This includes: myspace, yahoo 360, friendster, facebook, and many others.

And, you can see from my profile URL ( that there are not too many users at this point.

I am certain that they will take this URL away when you consider that their video section is at ;-)

You will also notice on my profile, that there is still a bit of work to complete.... this is one issue I have in general with social networking. I used to utilize myspace on occasion and am a fan of linkedin, but I believe that most people, if they are like me, will stick with the ones that have the greatest network as well as privacy, etc... Right now, all the buzz that I hear is about facebook. I digress.

I would suggest signing up as it is free and MediaPost constantly covers very relevant and detailed information about online video and online video marketing in their video insider piece. Here is a great post from Monday titled "2007 Status Report" where the author discusses the status of online video, video sharing, video search, and video advertising.

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