Last month, I was presented with an opportunity that I couldn't pass up to speak at SES San Jose 2009 . Of course, I accepted and participated on a panel along with Gregory Markel, Founder and President of InfuseCreativeDavid Burch, Director of Marketing for Tubemogul, and Erin Bouchier, Business Lead for Google / YouTube.  The session was titled, "The Next Wave for Online Video."

Although the title of the session was, "The Next Wave in Online Video,"  the core focus on the session was with regard to video and search engine optimization, hence the title of this post.  Here is the description from the agenda:

"While the good old organic results pages still attract tens of thousands of experts probing the latest algorithmic quirks and optimization techniques, video search remains relatively uncharted waters. Panelists discuss the importance of optimizing for video search, and probe into tactics like keyword research, copywriting, reputation enhancement, and sponsorships and special programs"

The Next Wave for Online Video Search Optimization mark robertson ses san jose 2009 200x136

I was asked to provide an overview of, a few tips for video SEO, and to talk briefly about the rapidly changing landscape of online video.  In my presentation (see below), I decided to focus somewhat on just a few of the many many things that have happened over the past year in the online video space that I think are particularly important with regard to Video SEO moving forward.  Additionally, I provided just a few tips for optimizing for video results with universal search.

Here is a tip that I'm surprised more folks have not talked about.  If you already have a page that is ranked high in Google for a particular keyword (excluding your home page), try adding a video to that page and then submitting a video sitemap to Google. Special thanks to Gregory Markel for presenting this opportunity to me.

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  • danimations

    Thanks Mark, another valuable read, view, click-through!Oh, and thanks to comment poster Mike for the heads-up on hidden closed-captioning benefits... I'll be doing some experiments with that myself...

  • Mike

    Hi Mark
    Interesting post. I have been a fan of video since the early 1980's. Filming Editing Repairs etc.
    No doubt about it Video, now that most of us have broadband, will lead the way for advertising over the now ailing static website. Video is the front line presentation tool for any website.

    As for SEO and video. I found out after some experimenting with my Documentary video's on Youtube (Gigagannet). In addition to the description and tags. I included Closed Captions on the audio and the photo slides. Thinking that this would increase the view count. It did remarkably. Off course the viewer can turn them off. The big plus is: ideal for the quite office environment, those with hard off hearing. And the multiple language option.

    Here is the most incredible part. I found out that Google actually indexed the small text file. When I checked the stats for the discovery in my Youtube account there were to my amazement search terms used that were only in the Caption file Not the Description or tags. I tried this myself and hey presto there was my video.

    I am currently hoping to do video editing and Captioning as a business hopefully there will be some interest in this out there.

    • reelseo

      Mike, great to hear about your success with CC. Im doing some tests on that as well and have found very much the same result. Did you find that your video was showing for foreign language CC as well? BTW, Id love to know more about your business ideas - feel free to contact me.

  • Mark Robertson

    Good Job Me... ;-)