Mark Cuban - Internet Video Growth Disappointing

Mark Cuban, entrepreneur, billionaire, Dallas Mavericks' owner, owner of HDNet, recently said that the progress of online video is 'disappointing.'

In a recent speech at D: All Things Digital he said that the online video industry hasn't really gone anywhere, blamed it all on Google's purchase of YouTube and lack of a business plan. He also said the reasoning behind his comments are that there are still no advertising standards (but we're working on it Mr. Cuban!) and other missing necessities are holding things back.

He also gave Hulu some props, for attempting to make money on their content. However, what he didn't seem to do is give us all his vision of where it should go or how it should get there. He bemoaned the fact that if YouTube doesn't adopt something it won't become a standard.

Oddly, I just wrote about Dailymotion adopting the Open Video Standard and HTML 5 Video tags... a shame they only have like 59 million unique monthly visitors worldwide (only!). Maybe they can nudge others into line or at least help the cause. Actually, he might have given his ideas on how to proceed, I just don't have the full transcript. Of course if he reads this, I would be overjoyed to speak with him at length on the topic for an article here at ReelSEO.

Source: ZDNet Asia

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