Majority of Youtube Videos Watched Outside USA

In comments made at the Software & Information Industry Association conference in New York, David Eun, Google's VP of content partnerships, provided updates on Google's attempt to turn YouTube's huge lead in online video into revenue.

Here are some great facts and comments:

  • Overlay ads are generating clickthrough rates 3x - 5x higher than other forms of advertising.
  • Youtube will never launch pre-roll advertising.
  • Google estimates more than 1 billion people are online around the globe.
  • Humans create 5 exabytes of data per year.
  • 60% of Google Videos are watched by someone, somewhere in the world, every day.
  • YouTube stats:
    • Most traffic from outside the U.S.
    • Ten hours of video are uploaded every minute.
    • 19 local editions of the site.
    • Hundreds of millions of videos watched daily.
  • iPhone is a huge source of traffic to YouTube.

The rest of the comments can be found at the Silicon Alley Insider

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