On my recent trip to Machinima headquarters, I got a chance to speak with CEO Allen DeBevoise. One of the things I was interested in talking with him about is how Machinima goes about generating their wide range of online video content. Turns out they use a combination of in-house productions and YouTube creators, and have a team of over 2,000 filmmakers in their directors community.

One of the chief areas of focus at Machinima is filmmaker development. They're really trying to cultivate the members of their community and help their filmmaking mature. Says DeBevoise:

Yeah, we, you know we're really trying to help them, you know a lot of them are now doing this full-time.  And we had an event recently at the W in Hollywood where we brought a bunch of them together and really trying to do different things about how do we help them with their career?  Do they want to do this full-time?  What other insights we can give them in terms of how to actually you know, metatag, tagging and all the proper things to do to get the most amount of views.

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    That soiree at The W was first class! Hope to be part of another such gathering in the future.