The Week In Video: #ProudToLove YouTube

The Week In Video: #ProudToLove YouTube

It's the last day of June and the sun is out so let's take a minute or two to look back over the news from the past week for all things online video. As well as some top tips, we've already brought you the latest from the Vine/Instagram grudge match and shown you how YouTube may be getting a little faster but what's been going on at Maker, what series launched Vimeo On Demand and which MCN has trousered $36 Million in funding? It's all here in the weekly ReelSEO round up.

Juicy Couture See 18% Site Traffic Lift From Video

California based fashion brand Juicy Couture have confirmed they have seen an increase in sales and referral traffic by being part of the YouTube Partnership program. The fashion house, which targets the 18-44 female demographic, state that video will continue to be an essential part of their marketing strategy.

The Week In Video: #ProudToLove YouTube

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Can the Viral Video Save KMart?

The phenomenal success of the 'Ship My Pants' (still makes me bark with laughter every time I see it) and the 'Big Gas Savings' video ads have given a huge boost to the KMart brand. But info from Compete, show that the videos may not have had a significant impact on sales or traffic to the website. It's still way behind competitors Sears, Walmart and Target in terms of unique monthly visitors.

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YouTube #ProudToLove The LGBT Community

In such an important week for the gay rights movement, YouTube has declared its total support for the LGBT community. The release of the #ProudToLove hashtag and the 'Show Your Pride, Share Your Love' video, affirms why YouTube was ranked as the top LGBN brand by YouGov.

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Your Online Video Infographic Of The Week

Here's a fancy new infographic from the people over at VoucherCodesPro which you can use for your upcoming presentations on the subject ;-)

The Week In Video: #ProudToLove YouTube

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