The Long Tail of Video Viewing Shows The Underdogs On Top

Everyone talks about YouTube, heck, even we talk about them in various forms and for various reasons. They're the 800lb gorilla, only we all talk about it all the time. Well this time round I'm not (yes, I know I just did). I'm going to talk about all those other sites out there that show video.

Right so looking down the list of websites that are mainly focusing on video takes quite some time these days. Since we're talking about time that's the perfect segue. Over 50% of all time spent watching videos, is not on that site I said I wouldn't talk about. In fact almost 75% of all time is spent watching video elsewhere. 52% of that time is spent on the lower half of the charts, the sub Top 25 video sites. While (damn I have to say it) YouTube is pulling 26% of the time spent, and a massive amount of streams (some 13 Billion a month now) they only account for a quarter of time spent watching video.

The Long Tail of Video Viewing Shows The Underdogs On TopCrazy huh? Unfortunately, comScore's 2009 US Digital Year in Review, where I gleaned this super keen information, did not list the video sites in question. What we can list are the sites that are NOT in those which are consuming 75% of online video viewing (you can then extrapolate a lot from that I imagine).

Below is the list of the Top 50 properties ranked by comScore.Why? Well here's the thinking.

If 50% of these sites are in the Top 25 Video Properties, you then know the top 25. We of course know that the top 10 video properties include (number is their rank below) Google sites (1), Hulu , Microsoft Sites (3), Fox Interactive Media (7), Yahoo Sites (2), Viacom Digital (17), Turner Network (11), CBS (12), Megavideo and AOL (4).

The Long Tail of Video Viewing Shows The Underdogs On Top

We can guess that Facebook, Comcast, Disney all rank in the video sites mentioned so that gives us 13.

The Long Tail of Video Viewing Shows The Underdogs On Top

Probably also ranking in the Video sites are - NBC Universal, ESPN, Time Warner, Discovery and maybe That gives us a total of roughly 18 sites. Throw in ABC (not listed anywhere so far) and we've got 19. Amazon is probably included as it is in the German version so that's 20. Come up with 5 more and we've got a pretty accurate list. Myspace, MetaCafe, Blinx, DailyMotion and of course NetFlix (comScore ranked them top 20).

After all that work, I found this:

comScore Video Metrix (U.S.)Videos (000)
Total Internet : Total Audience33,242,835
1. Google Sites13,242,487
2. Hulu1,013,494
3. Microsoft Sites561,052
4. Fox Interactive Media550,505
5. Yahoo! Sites539,416
6. Viacom Digital372,641
7. Turner Network366,987
8. CBS Interactive297,298
10. AOL LLC209,957
11. Vevo174,911
12. Disney Online171,946
13. ESPN165,743
14. FACEBOOK.COM164,581
15. Blinkx164,287
16. NBC Universal160,205
18. JUSTIN.TV128,102
19. NETFLIX.COM127,016
20. Break Media120,104

Well... I was close and missed Vevo, Justin.TV and Break Media.

Everyone else, you're the ones that people are watching for long periods of time. Well done! Who are you?!

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    It's nice to see that smaller video sites are getting the viewers time. Sometimes a niche video site is a better viewing experience because you don't have to wade through all of the low quality user uploads to find the videos you are looking for.

  • Alan Masarsky

    This is great news for video search engines like - As more long tail video content gets harder to find, there comes a need for an effective and efficient search.