I praised the Ohio Department Of Transportation not too long ago for simply setting up a camera to film the bridge demolition they were going to execute anyway--find that video in our viral round up here. And maybe someone at the Mayor of London's office was paying attention, because they've scored some social video buzz for doing the same exact thing.

Video Marketing Success For London's Olympic Logo

You might know that the Olympic Games are in London this summer. As part of the years-long set up to host, the city of London recently hoisted a gigantic lighted sign portraying the Olympic logo. Thankfully, some enterprising person in the Mayor's office saw an opportunity to build some social buzz for the city and the games by filming the logo's construction.

Check it out:

The only real gripe I have with the video is that it's not in HD. In this day and age, it's almost not excusable to film in standard def--the comments on this logo-raising video reveal plenty of viewers wishing it had been in HD. Adding high-definition camera work to the already-cool subject of the video would only have extended its reach and grown its audience.

But that's a pretty minor quibble, considering most cities' mayor's offices wouldn't even have thought to bring a camera in the first place.

  • Simon Crompton-Reid

    Jeremy - Video Marketing Expert is probably a bit strong, I've seen Boris' campaign...BUT yes, it's lovely that they're doing it at all!

    • Jeremy Scott

      Sorry. Was going for a little editorial exaggeration, but likely missed the mark. I agree it's not evidence of genius... but it's very smart.

  • Gillian Wilson


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