Video Search Marketing for Local Business – Kelsey Group Conference

Video Search Marketing for Local Business – Kelsey Group ConferenceListen to ReelSEO Mark Robertson's special report from the recently completed Kelsey Group 2008 Conference in Santa Clara, California, and Mark's take on how the present and future of online video marketing for small-to-medium businesses is really more of a local search play.

Podcast contents from the Kelsey Conference on video technology and marketing include:

  • Coverage of the specific sessions on online video marketing, technology, and new developments
  • The biggest issues discussed around online video for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs)
  • New developments with onine video marketing for SMBS
  • Who were some of the more notable speakers on online video marketing
  • Some of the companies we've interviewed (for future video clips on ReelSEO).
  • Which SMBs and other companies can stand to benefit most from this conference and future ones from The Kelsey Group.

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